About us

Stichting Toekenningen 

Stichting Toekenningen manages the ‘Overige Studiezaken’ (Other Student Affairs) fund for the University of Amsterdam. Both student associations and study associations can lay claim to this fund for numerous initiatives that require financial support. For example, think of plays, debates, expositions, congresses, symposia, and much more. We can also give financial support to help starting association on their way. By giving financial support we aim to help students in their organisational and substantial development. We also aim to make sure that culture and knowledge stays accessible outside of school. Stichting Toekenningen exists to ensure that Amsterdam’s student culture stay as lively and vibrant as it is now.

Board 2020 – 2021

Tim Wagelaar (Chairman), Jai Visser (Treasurer) and Bessie Slagt (Secretary).