The following criteria apply to the activities that Stichting Toekenningen subsidises:

  • The activity takes place in Amsterdam;
    Study trips are excluded.
  • he activity is linked to the UvA;
    The activity is organised for and/or by students of the UvA.
  • The activity aides the development of the student;
    Even though the Amsterdam nightlife can certainly contribute to the personal development of the student, Stichting Toekenningen does not subsidise parties or the like. Other events in which the substantial development of the student are eligible for a subsidy.
  • The activity is of an open nature.
    We see an activity as “open” when all students/interested people are able to take part in this activity (possibly after paying a supplement) and in addition when they have had the possibility of being notified about the event. This can be done through, for example, posters, flyers, (faculty) email, promotion through Facebook, and/or the usage of other social media. This means that activities organised exclusively for member are not eligible.
  • The activity is partly financed by the organisation and/or the attendees;
    Stichting Toekenningen cannot be the only source of money.
  • The activity should have a clear financial administration;
    The balance between the contribution of the organisation and/or attendees and Stichting Toekenningen should be realistic. The budget needs to be balanced and possible unforeseen costs need to be taken into account. For an example budget: see “apply”.
  • The activity is innovative;
    Stichting Toekenningen cannot subsidise the same (type of) activity multiple times; we exist to help starting and modernising get on their way.

In addition to these criteria, there are other factors that need to be kept into account when applying. See the “Apply” page for further explanation.